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RL-08 Fisheye lens kit for Iphone 5 /5S with case

RL-08 Fisheye lens kit for Iphone 5 /5S with case
RL-08 Fisheye lens kit for Iphone 5 /5S with case Display pictures2 Display pictures3 Display pictures4
  • Model:RL-08

 Fisheye lens kit for Iphone4/ 4S/ 5 


180° Fish Eye camera lens for iPhone 5/4G/4S  allows for some amazing shots with your iPhone 4G/4S/ Samsung S3 camera. The lens itself is also removable when not in use allowing the black case to remain protecting your iPhone 5/ 4G/4S 
With this detachable lens, you can transform your iPhone 5/ 4G/4S  into a cool fisheye camera faster than you can say 'cheese!'
Simply attach the slim-line protective case provided onto the back of your handset and screw in the fisheye lens to shed a whole new perspective on your picture or video taking experience! Snap widescreen 180° angle shots, take cool videos of parties, document travel footage in a funky new way, or zoom in on your mate's face for laugh-out-loud effects!
  • Detachable screw-in fisheye lens for the iPhone 5/ 4G/4S
  • Angle of view: 180°
  • Versions available for the iPhone 5/ 4/4S 
  • Slim-line protective case fits to the back of the handset; simply screw in the lens whenever you want to use it.
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